Mar 17, 2009

Lives of the Prophets: Sheeth and Idris (Enoch)

Sheeth, peace be upon him, was of the prophets who was not mentioned in the Quran. We only know of him through one hadith, of prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him.

"Allah has revealed 104 scrolls, 50 of them on Sheeth."

Some of the Islamic scholars have mentioned that Sheeth was one of the sons of Adam, and Adam gave him the responsibility to carry out the message when he was passing away.

Other than that, we have no knowledge of who he was, what he did, or anything.


Idris (Enoch) peace be upon him, is believed to have come before Nuh (Noah) and after Adam. Allah mentions about him in the Quran:
"And remember in the book Idris. He was truthful and he was a prophet. And we (Allah) elevated him to a high level."
From these verses we know that he was a great prophet, who Allah had elevated to a high level, meaning his status in society and in front of Allah.

And that is all we know of Idris, peace be upon him.

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